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Dear Ones,

The idea for this company and its purpose has been with me a long time. Then one fine day, the opportunity opened up, and the time is right to get my idea out into the world. Boom! The creative process begins. And what a process it is. Ideas flow, and suddenly I am on a mission. I didn’t choose it, it chose me.  I have a message. It is, as enlightened warriors, we can bring illumination to all hearts, setting them free with creativity, love, magic and beauty.

We are, each one of us, connected to each other. It is time to bring ourselves into balance, to celebrate our true essence, to be empowered, and awaken, to live gently with compassion for all living things. The love we hold for the truth is the lifeline that leads us to the source of life. Allow yourself the profound experience of acknowledging your soul, immortal, eternally strong, without separation or fear.

To the many beautiful souls who have given me support, encouragement, guidance, love and kindness on this journey, I couldn’t have done this without you, and I am deeply grateful.

When you purchase an item here, think about how you are feeding a hungry person, fulfilling the most basic need, giving the dignity necessary to have a life that matters. It is our birthright.

Think and act with love always. Live every moment as a prayer and understand the interconnectedness of all things. Gain the sensitivity necessary to be completely present in life.

With one heart and much gratitude,

Noelani Musicaro

Noelani Musicaro, a social/visionary entrepreneur, is the Founder of Figlie di Fortuna, Founder of The Kindness Conversations, Founder of Be Kind Project and Co-Founder of The Kindness Team (non-profit). She has many years of professional and personal experience in her background to bring these unique organizations to success. Noelani is an artist, author, healing facilitator, novice musician, former candidate for Lt. Governor New Jersey (Independent, 2009), former host and producer of her own television show, Cablevision’s “Artertainment”, a volunteer (hospice and Red Cross Disaster Team), and a radio show host (The Art of Kindness, www.WHIVFM.org). Noelani is an intrepid traveler, is curious and wondrous, determined to change the paradigm for the betterment of humanity, and is a warrior of truth and light.