When you look at a person, any person, remember that everyone has a story.

Everyone has gone through something that has changed them.

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It’s our damn country (and food), not theirs
6 Essential Facts About How the Farm Bill Helps Hungry American
Op-Ed: Can We Please Stop Serving Moldy Food in Our Schools
Everything You Think You Know About Hunger Is Probably Wrong
Three Simple Ways to Help End Hunger in America
Op-Ed: Why Christians Must Fight Hunger
How You Can Help ‘Super Smoothies’ Fight Childhood Hunger
Witnesses to Hunger’ Take You to Places Where Food Is a Luxury—in the USA
Tom Colicchio’s New Film Blows the Lid Off Hunger in America
The Surprising Solution to Urban Food Deserts (Hint: It’s Not More Supermarkets)
How Much Does Hunger in America Cost You? $542.
One in Four U.S. Kids Don’t Know Where Their Next Meal Is Coming From
These Kids Don’t Want to Be Guy Fieri, They Want to Fix Their Food System
TakePart Wants to Hear Your Story About Being on SNAP
Fighting Hunger in Schools, One Backpack at a Time
Farmers Fighting Hunger in Their Communities
Phoenix Mayor ‘Hungry and Tired’ After Living on Food Stamps for Five Days
Sandra Lee and Other Celebs Reveal What It Was Like to Grow Up on Food Assistanc
A Seat at the Guillotine – Oops/Slash – I Meant ‘At the Table”



End Hunger Now. Support America’s Anti-Hunger Programs. 
Fight Hunger on World Food Day 
How One Vital Food Program Propelled These 17 People to Success


Videos and Photo Galleries:

Congressman Jim McGovern Talks ‘A Place at the Table’ and #EndHungerNow
How One Vital Food Program Propelled These 17 People to Success 
A Good Day 
Living on $4 a Day with Marisha Ray 



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Organizations Making a Difference

These organizations are a coalition of foundations, non-profits and good corporate citizens in the fight to end hunger.



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